NeXt Innovation Corp

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NeXt Innovation is an externally managed diversified closed-end management investment company. We seek to create a low-turnover portfolio that we expect will include investments in 25 to 30 companies when we are fully invested. We invest through private secondary market transactions, direct investments in our portfolio companies, and through transactions executed on public securities exchanges.

Our Mission

The IPO landscape has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Due to increasingly stringent regulation, IPOs have become a more challenging path for companies to take as they continue to grow livejasmin and require additional funding. These structural changes have created a need for new forms of investment to access these dynamic and rapidly growing, privately-held companies. NeXt Innovation provides this access.
Our Fund

NeXt Innovation is a publicly-traded investment management company, investing principally in the equity securities of rapidly growing companies — privately-held, VC-backed companies as well as select publicly-traded companies — that meet our investment criteria.

The investment philosophy and techniques NeXt founder, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager Michael Moe details in his book, "Finding the Next Starbucks," are integral to our portfolio selection process.

NeXt Asset Management serves as the manager for our investment activities.

Our investment strategy is to maximize our portfolio's total return by seeking capital gains on our equity investments. Key elements of our investment strategy include:

Following the leading VC firms who have historically generated the greatest returns
Leveraging the Company's unique research affiliate — neXtup Research
Accessing a pipeline of rapidly growing, high-quality private companies through NeXt streamate Innovation's Silicon Valley network
Focusing on key growth trends where the most significant value is created